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salons_objekts_veikals”There is a feeling to you that I have not been left in a misfortune” – these words were said by the person during the visit of our salon. A cozy environment, friendly attitude is what we like ourselves and that we observe working with people. In an unpressed, creative environment, it is more interesting to work on implementation of own ideas, and professional advices always will help to reach a qualitative end result.

I like – this slogan is as cornerstone of our philosophy, and the philosophy of our firm. Consultations „putting” fantasies. In design materials – it would be the sphere of our operation that requires the creativity, precisity, the possibility to understand desires of a client and to express the most suitable..

Salon Objekts is in Latvian market already for 20 years. In the beginning as BECKERS color center, later already as rethought studio of interior and design goods. BECKERS colors, OSMO oils, KARELIA parket, PARADOR laminate, VORWERK covers, GERFLOR PVC covers, BURMATEX laying tiles, VIVA CERAMICA ceramic tiles, CAESAR stone mass tiles , VILLEROY & BOSCH tiles, CATALANO – firms, that already for a long time are our cooperation partners and which production can be acknowledged, qualitative, and highly appreciative both in the World and also in Latvia.

The stable cooperation with suppliers allows to propose the newest for the nowadays situation that is the current actuality in the World and to keep values that have proved themselves during more years. The concentration to the one-meaning solution of the quality and an interesting design gives the possibility for the creative cooperation with already existing clients and people who yet want to realize their ideas. Opposite to the shop, the more deeper discussion on desirable, more suitable is possible at the salon. Under the request of the client we can get involved not only in the choice and delivery of goods, but also in their installation. We are not affraid to ascertain that despite of competition we want to be such ones to like ourselves to implement different ideas under the sign of high quality and safety in a friendly environment.

Story of our company in Latvian television (LTV) program "Successful businessman in Latvia":



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